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CuentameCuba – Documentario di Filippo Ficozzi – Raices Comunes

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Un Documentario di Filippo Ficozzi
Fonico e Sound Design: Nicolas Baggi
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From a farm to Cuba: first impression by the filmmaker

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The first time I heard of the project Raices Comunes I was in a farm in Portugal with little wi-fi capabilities. A friend of mine asked me on skype if I would have liked to join a “project in Cuba” and make a documentary about it. I didn’t think about it that much and I accepted it. For the rest of the time that I spent in farms the “project in Cuba” never crossed my mind except when thinking about how difficult would be to organize a project in Cuba.
A month later the project was real.
So what is the project Raices Comunes?
Raices Comunes is a project developed by APS Tra i Binari an Italian theater company that lately evolved into an association that promotes arts and theater outside of their official settings.
The goal of this project is to realize a cross-media reportage on Cuban theater but, as the title of the project says, it is also a research for “common roots” and differences between two countries. A group constituted by actors, photographers, a director a sound engineer and a video-maker will travel Cuba for a month meeting local artists to create with them theater workshops where to investigate differences in society produced by different histories.
The outcomes of the project will be a documentary, a soundscape, a photo exposition and a written diary.

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